2023-4-5 How can Russia-China create High Culture?

The people come into the Great Shrine in ‘Peaceful Wisdom Mountain’
and offer thousands of candles to Heaven and their Ancestors…
all flames burn steadily
with nary a flicker.
Thus Enlightened Society is ever dawning
in the Great Hall of the Ancestors in the Mountain
of timeless, ever present Wisdom and Compassion.

Yi Jing: an original Sequence of Hexagrams #1 to 30.

Before the beginning are Heaven, the spark, and Earth the responding material flame of manifest being. Then comes the seed of life (3) sprouting, struggling to emerge from within the Earth, dark skies pouring with rain above. From which comes childhood (4), learning, the seed having all it needs to grow into the mighty oak but having to go through the process of learning what it already knows on a deep level.

Yi: Earthquake on New Year’s Day!

Uncertainty rules, impermanence is always present
Be true to the moment never the same twice
The outer world is changing, changing
the old normal will never return.
When going forward is not possible, do not force
but remain within familiar circles
the humble hearth of home
without fear or arrogance.

Cheerful (Lunar) New Year!

Today is traditional Buddhist New Year’s Day. This is the second new moon after the winter solstice. (Actually, that was yesterday but for some reason the scholars-that-be have proclaimed today The Day.) Am heading up to our cabin property in the hills and will cast the Yi for the year and publish it here later.Continue reading “Cheerful (Lunar) New Year!”