Baron of Bras D’Or

I am a retired dual citizen British-American expat living in Southern Mexico. Will be offering this blog to provide opportunity to write more regularly. At this point will offer various different things until I get a feel for which direction to focus on for a book, or maybe just keep playing around.

I use this pen name just to reduce any possible unpleasantness from letting identity out in public. That identity is not important since this is an unprofessional endeavour. Hopefully what is presented speaks for itself.

The logo on this page depicts a vortex. I saw it in a dream being performed by Japanese calligraphy brush – which have used since the 1970’s – and on awakening spent several hours learning how to reproduce it. Surprisingly difficult, but a nice logo. You start in the middle, then spiral out to make the outer ring and then spiral back in to make the middle ring and end up where you started, but with enough of a little loop there so there is a very small circle, or eye, in the middle. It ends up making three (white) zones – like many metaphysical versions of reality.

Main interests:

Ongoing current events, mainly USA but also UK from time to time, along with quirky philosophical ruminations from background as teacher of Tibetan style Buddhism years ago. Though no longer active in that field, it will always inform my view of pretty much everything, though probably it will rarely be specifically referenced.

Occasional anecdotes from everyday life with some sort of contemplative twist.

Occasional haikus & I-Ching readings.



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