The Baron

The Baron all dressed up and drinking tea in Oaxaca!

Ashley S. C. Playfair-Howes, aka ‘the Baron,’ is a retired mid-Atlantic expat living in Mexico who grew up in London England and has lived mainly in Europe and North America. He worked in a non-profit Buddhist educational foundation in various capacities including administrator, teacher and Head Tutor to an enthroned Nyingma tulku. He also operated a small brick oven organic sourdough bakery on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia.

The purpose of this blog is to encourage regular writing offered to the public.

Main interests:

Ongoing current events, mainly USA but also UK from time to time, along with various contemplations from his background as teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. Indeed, Buddhadharma helps shape his view of all and everything without necessarily being specifically referenced. Though no longer associated with any traditional school he is a Lineage Holder of Celtic Buddhism which eschews any written doctrine and whose always playful founder saw fit to invest him with the title of Baron of Bras D’Or.

Also: occasional haikus & I-Ching readings along with oddball attempts to translate advanced esoteric concepts into a more contemporary context.



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