Learning from Lyme Liturgy and others

The Lyme Liturgy Commentary Series including Guidelines for practice have been posted on the blog and are available for download as one file on this page. (See: 0-learning-from-lyme-liturgy-series-consolidated-1Download below)

The Learning from Lyme Liturgy was written in 2017 to help alleviate chronic illness episodes; it is based on basic Buddhist principles and the author’s experience with various meditation texts over the years. It’s a little quirky since it was written for personal use but recently because of another episode or perhaps ‘long covid’ I found myself turning back to it and then spent some time going through its many sections on this blog since it was subject matter I was then dealing with on a daily basis (December-January 2022).

This page offers the two Liturgy texts, one longer and one shorter. I have since added two derivations, one for simple daily meditation and one a guru yoga for fllow students of my teacher who did in 1987.

I suggest you open the Lyme Liturgy text by selecting ‘Open in New Tab’ and then it will open as a new tab in your browser. The texts feature a computer-translated version in Spanish. If you are a Spanish language speaker, I suggest you copy the latest English version and then paste it into a Google Translate window and then print out that result. Once the editing process is entirely finished, there will be a final version with a final translation which a Spanish language speaker will go over to clean up.

The Long Form is designed for initial use. Once one is familiar with that both in terms of the general meaning and thrust as well as with the techniques then the quick and easy Brief form is all one needs as explained in the posts and Guidelines available below for download.

The Short Liturgy of Vajra Being: Composed in February 2022 as a means of easily and quickly resting in the nature of mind for those already familiar with so doing.

The Guru Yoga of Undying Vajradhatu:

A similar text fashioned as a guru yoga for students of the late but ever-present Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoché:

With permission of William Horden:

I Ching Mathematics, King Wen version by William Horden:

Volume II Image and Number:

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