Learning from Lyme Liturgy

As per the Jan 27th Update note below, the Lyme Liturgy Series have been posted on the blog and are now offered for download as one file on this page. The following text will later be edited but for now include passages from before the series were written and posted on this blog.

In upcoming weeks will be publishing a text written a couple of years back used to alleviate chronic illness episodes based on basic Buddhist principles and the author’s experience with various meditation texts over the years. It’s a little quirky since it was written for personal use, but increasingly I find myself turning back to it (because of another episode or perhaps ‘long covid’) and want to spend some time going through various sections on this blog since it’s the subject matter am now dealing with.

This page basically holds the two Liturgy texts, one longer one shorter. There will be regular updates to this page as the texts are edited in which case there will be a little note at the top as in the example following.

I suggest you open the text by selecting ‘Open in New Tab’ and then it will open as a new tab in your browser. The texts feature a computer-translated version in Spanish which is not often updated with latest changes – of which there are very few at this point, but perhaps some will be forthcoming as I make several posts about these texts. If you are a Spanish language speaker, I suggest you copy the latest English version and then paste it into a Google Translate window and then print out that result. Once the editing process is finished, there will be a final version with a final translation which a Spanish language speaker will go over to clean up.

The Long Form is designed to be used at first. Once one is familiar with that, then the Brief form is all one needs to tune into the progressions and practices in the text. This will all be explained later. I will probably alternate ‘how to’ sections with explanatory ‘commentary’ sections. It’s all quite simple, but sometimes explaining things makes them seem more complicated than they are in practice (like riding a bicycle for example).


Jan 27 09:30 The series being finished including Guidelines, they have now been consolidated into one file. This file needs a little cleaning up, both editorial and formatting. Once that is done the two texts will be added in to create one master file.

Jan 20 17:25 Replaced both Daily and Brief, minor adjustments, punctuation, word order etc.

Jan 18 09:40 The Lyme Liturgy series along with Guidelines have been posted on the blog. Once editing is finished they will be consolidated into one pdf file which will be uploaded onto this page. The master file will contain the Long and Brief Daily practice texts plus the Commentaries and Guidelines.

Jan 11 19:14 Removed Irish translation version of Daily.

Jan 6 15:05 – edited hungry ghosts line.

Jan 6 13:26 added LEARNING FROM LYME LITURGY Title to top (because with the text printed out for use in regular practice it is on a separate title page) and the last line about ‘learning to live a healthy life’ deleted as unnecessary.

Jan 6 2022. Uploaded current version of Long Daily Form without graphics. Followed by Brief Form. Commentary to follow.

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