Yi Event: Coronation of King Charles III

40 Liberation > 64 Before Fruition < 63 After Fruition

This is an Event Yi using the time of the event (in local London Time) to determine the Hexagram and Changing lines. In this case, they feel quite appropriate. Some sense of Relief after a long wait, or overall Liberation leading to a sense of completion, though it’s not quite over yet (one would hope not having just been crowned), with final completion being in the mix as the Nuclear, perhaps indicating a not very long reign or that, having fulfilled his life’s destiny, he can now enjoy a well-earned sense of fruition, hopefully with plenty of wisdom which comes from age and maturity in the mix so that his reign is a wise and kind one. The changing line seems quite apropos:

The prince shoots at a hawk on a high wall. He kills it. Everything serves to further.

Jolly good show, King Charles, Jolly good show!

Note: it was raining throughout the ceremony, but without Thunder. The Thunder principle was in the Sacred Space / Ceremony / Heaven of the event, crowning a Royal Ruler, even if only symbolically. Symbols, like mind, are more powerful than matter or the body so even though the British Monarch wields no official temporal power, they occupy a place in the hearts and minds of their subject that no other people or institutions come even close to matching, let alone replacing.

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