Yi: Is Russia-China Axis aligned with WEF? 28-3,4 > 29 < 1

28 Excessive Hegemony > 29 Polarity < 1 Primordial Oneness

Gua 28

There are two ideographs constituting the name of the gua. The first ideograph, da,
represents “great.” It is an image of a person standing upright with arms and legs wide open,
showing his greatness. The second ideograph consists of two parts. Three curved strokes at
the top left symbolize three footprints going forward. Underneath the footprints is the
ideograph zhi, which means stop. On the right side is the ideograph guo; its function is to
provide the sound of the character. It looks like a cross-section of the side view of a house.
There are two pillars on each side and a beam sitting on the pillars. Underneath the beam is a
tiny square representing a mouth, which was metonymical for people in ancient China, just as
we say “many mouths to feed” in English. Placing the person underneath the beam and
between the pillars suggests that the structure is a house. Above the beam is an extrastructure which gives the beam an extra load, symbolizing excess.
In this gua, the solid line at the second place and the solid line at the fifth place are central.
The inner gua is Wind. Here, Wind represents “smooth,” for example, sailing with a smooth
wind. The outer gua is Lake (Happy). Sailing with a favorable wind makes people happy. It is
possible to obtain support and help and to advance smoothly without obstruction. Thus the
Decision says that it is favorable to advance; there will be success.

I confess to having a niggle when regarding geopolitics these days. Here goes: on the one hand it seems clear that, whether for good or bad reasons, the Rest of the World (RoW) has had it up to here with overly hegemonic US/Western Axis dominance and so they have been pushing the idea of a multipolar world for some time and the symbiotic alliance between the world’s largest industrial nation with the world’s largest natural resource nation has been fashioned in no small part to effect this vision.



It seems to me that all sides are busy studying CBDC’s, social credit and suchlike so that although they are quarreling about some things, on others – principally a world financial system – they are on the same or a very similar page. This makes me suspicious. What if the WEF agenda is also being followed by those in the Russia-China axis? What if the Reset story, though never told in any helpful level of detailed specifics, is more or less real – that at some point we will have a different world political and economical gestalt?

So the niggle is this: are the two sides in the SMO in Ukraine really at odds with each other – as assuredly seems to be the case – or is this part of an elaborate operation to displace one type of system and major players with another, and to do so they felt it necessary to trash the world economy for while, presumably to be able to step in and make an offer that (especially the developed world populations) will not be in any position to refuse?

Put very simply: are the WEF, China, Russia and the Biden Administration (and more) all on the same page?

That’s the niggle. So that was the Query. The answer seems to be: #28 Excess of the Great indicates that things cannot keep going the way there are but there is plenty of good potential in the mix such that moving forward from here can be a great thing. #29 shows a bipolar situation, symmetrical, balanced. Visually it is clear. In the first hexagram is a fat bunch of four yang lines all together, literally a bundle, or fasces – a fascist structure. #29 shows a bipolar situation with yang lines surrounded by yin lines, one in the central 2nd position and the other in the central 5th position. Two poles, ie multi-polar. Meanwhile Nuclear #1 shows that this is all one overall realm we are dealing with. The Nuclear of 29 is 27 and the nuclear of 27 is #2. So this process underway might lead to #1 on the left and #2 on the right, a perfect marriage of Yang and Yin.

#29, comprising two Water trigrams, indicates Darkness, Hard Work, Danger. This is where we are with various factions jostling for support or freedom from domination. It’s not like the conflict and deaths inflicted is not real. But this Reading does seem to suggest that it is a part of a process that will both separate certain things as well as bring them together. Put another way, this is a classic One is Many, Many is One situation: the Multipolar world order involves creating Many Different civilizations as part of One Whole. It is an alternative to make many different civilizations into one single master civilization. In a way, this is no more than a somewhat intriguing philosophical niggle. But it is on such niggles that huge events can turn. And #28 sure enough indicates that these are Very Important Times dealing with #1 fundamental dynamics involving both the first and the last pair of hexagrams in the Upper Canon.

Of 29 Alfred Huang writes:

Darkness represents not only a pit but also a situation of difficulty or danger. The structure
of this gua is a doubling of the primary gua, Water. The image of Water is a yang line plunging
between two yin lines, like running water flowing along and between the banks of a river. In
ancient times, crossing a river represented a great danger. Thus, the attribute of Water was
designated a situation of difficulty or danger. Here, Water is doubled, suggesting that one is
plunging into a situation fraught with difficulties or danger. However, the ancient Chinese
believed that no matter how dangerous or dark a situation was, if one was able to follow the
way of Heaven, one could pass through it as safely as water passes through a ravine.

We shall see. It seems that China IS working with WEF which has a One Globalist World vision but also working to separate from the clutches of the Hegemon. So this still makes me nervous. But the latter task is such a game-changer that maybe we shouldn’t worry too much about it and take a ‘sufficient unto the day is the Evil thereof’ approach.

So I find myself a tad unsatisfied by this Reading, not feeling that the Query is answered. Maybe it needs more time to marinate, or maybe events need to unfold further until a direction one way or the other begins to emerge…

An additional take came to mind after writing the above document namely that the #1 Nuclear represents both great power and potential but also extreme fascism still evident in its offspring #28, the main Hexagram of the Cast. And the Russia-China axis is effecting a shift from all yang in #1 to only two yang in #29 – an ideal balance with each in a central position in both upper and lower trigrams. In which case, WEF may end up being the tip of the spear for the new world order in the West, but meanwhile there will be many other zones with their own spears, their own ways of doing things, albeit cooperating together in the manner well exemplified by the Belt & Road initiative which picks up where many previous one world visions left off, such as during Charlemagne and then later 19th Century Russian plans, inspired by the advances made in the promising new Republic in the Americas, whose vision featured many maps showing railway lines joining New York on the East Coast to Beijing, Moscow and Berlin by a long bridge over the Bering Strait, just like China’s current Belt and Road plans. What this interpretation implies is that Russia-China are headed towards multipolarity. If WEF can be part of that, fine, but if it goes hegemonic that will not be allowed. For #29 indicates that on a deep and sincere level multipolarity is the goal and will most likely ensue as the struggles in Lines 3 and 4, which have to do with alliances, are gradually resolved.

I will do another Cast on the WEF to see if the Yi can reveal more as to their nature and likely prospects…

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