Yi Jing Rumination: Mathematical Metaphysics

Without acknowledging the solid lines as emptiness, the counting method – using only broken lines with different values based on position – would not work. This is such a clear demonstration of the profound accuracy of yin and yang insight that I wonder how many have noticed it as such. Too obvious to be recognized perhaps.

Toltec I Ching Series #1: About Trigrams and the Senses in our One and Many Universe.

William Horden. Image and Number text. Toltec I Ching series.
THE CHANGES is a microcosm of the mystical PATTERN OF ORDER AND CHANCE underlying SPIRIT and NATURE: It leaps beyond itself into the Unknowable, carrying the spirit warrior into the realm of transcendent experience.

Sacredness: Notes on the 2023 Coronation

Faced with the pope’s refusal to negotiate, Frederick called on all the princes of Europe to a general revolt against the papacy, in a manifesto that must have smelled of the most dangerous heresy to the pope:

God is our witness that our intention has always been to force churchmen to follow in the footsteps of the Primitive Church, to live an apostolic life, and to be humble like Jesus Christ…

Yi: Is Multipolarity a sincere goal or ruse? 42-4,5 > 21 < 23

The multipolar cause is for real and will lead to substantive, as
well as fundamentally just, changes. Heaven indicates a
cauldron/cooking/transformative process involving Earth’s
decisive momentum and change with tectonic shifts in the