Yi Reading: 2023-3-6 Can the Neocon era end without war? 1- 2,3 > 33 < 1:

Dragon in the field emerging…
can we see him yet?
Do we already know him?
Is he now being persecuted by the inferior elements now in charge?
Or is he yet to emerge, hopefully soon?
‘Tis always darkest just before the dawn…

Yi: USA: Best way forward for the Union: 54 Inappropriate Marriage leading to 24 Starting Over

Yi: USA: Best Way Forward for the Union:
54 Inappropriate Marriage leading to 24 Starting Over.

What constitutes good reform?

Reality is a Fantastical Creation

Article 27 Reality is a Fantastical Creation We imagine realms which in turn reflect back as actual places and situations – beautiful and ugly homes or streets, loving or dysfunctional families and so forth. According to some traditions, this sort of thing also determines what sort of situations we are born into including place, statusContinue reading “Reality is a Fantastical Creation”

On Wimbledon and English Summers

I have a sort of ritual every year in that I clear the calendar for the final week of Wimbledon, make sure my internet connections are good with access to sites showing the games and then kick back. This year I made the mistake of watching the first week so that by the time theContinue reading “On Wimbledon and English Summers”

Why Ideologues & Ideologies Suck Too!

I suspect the Realms will be showing up again many times as this series progresses, but first a note about ideology, a certain type of extremism. The intention right now is to write short pieces which hang, like a single garment, on a single hook, with minimal elaboration, basically offering up a single insight withContinue reading “Why Ideologues & Ideologies Suck Too!”