Haiku #11 Fresh Sunny Day

. . A string bag of rotting oranges at the base of a tree The insects are rejoicing Another beautiful fresh clean sunny day! . . Una bolsa de hilo de naranjas podridas en la base de un árbol Los insectos se regocijan ¡Otro hermoso día fresco, limpio y soleado! #11 11/01/21

Haiku #10 Empty Form

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form . . Black ink form suddenly emergent Creates space out of that white which is not the form Turning nothing into a something which is still not anything yet vivid . . La forma de tinta negra emerge repentinamente Crea espacio a partir de ese blanco que no esContinue reading “Haiku #10 Empty Form”

Article 44 A realm beyond words

“Not everything has a name. Some things lead us into a realm beyond words.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. (1918-2008) The following is the Introduction to ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN’S Warning to the West, Speeches, 1975-6 given whilst he was an exile from his homeland and living in Montpelier Vermont. He returned to Russia soon after the collapse of theContinue reading “Article 44 A realm beyond words”

Haiku #6 Van Gogh’s Blessings

After pasting in the Cornfields painting for Haiku #5 by once-pastor to impoverished mining community Van Gogh, and who inspired one of the characters in Emile Zola’s famous work ‘Germinal’ and who later died a patient suffering from mental illness induced by a lifetime of outer world hardships and failures, the following haiku arose, imaginingContinue reading “Haiku #6 Van Gogh’s Blessings”

Dylan: Knowing the Unknown

Article 42 Dylan: Knowing the Unknown This article is inspired by listening to Bob Dylan singing with friends including Donovan in London. What immediately follows is a lightly edited email to an old friend who runs a news aggregator website: https://sitrepworld.info/ on which was a link to the song ‘It’s all over now Baby Blue:’Continue reading “Dylan: Knowing the Unknown”

Reality is a Fantastical Creation

Article 27 Reality is a Fantastical Creation We imagine realms which in turn reflect back as actual places and situations – beautiful and ugly homes or streets, loving or dysfunctional families and so forth. According to some traditions, this sort of thing also determines what sort of situations we are born into including place, statusContinue reading “Reality is a Fantastical Creation”