Haiku #6 Van Gogh’s Blessings

After pasting in the Cornfields painting for Haiku #5 by once-pastor to impoverished mining community Van Gogh, and who inspired one of the characters in Emile Zola’s famous work ‘Germinal’ and who later died a patient suffering from mental illness induced by a lifetime of outer world hardships and failures, the following haiku arose, imagining what Van Gogh might have written to us all and perhaps had displayed beneath the cornfields painting in an exhibition in Paris – something which in real life he never got to enjoy.

Van Gogh’s last painting: Cornfield with Crows

“Man with feet of clay mired in mud of misery

Artist sliced by ecstatic shards of Divine Vision

May my many losses be your blessings”

Published by The Baron

Retired non-profit administrator.

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