Story 7 Omimi in Saarland

Story 7 Omimi in Saarland Speaking of kidney chi depletion which Tetsu was unable to treat himself for despite being able to cure congenital deafness and lameness in others reminds me of something I witnessed years ago in Saarland, a special province in Germany on the border with France halfway between Paris and Frankfurt. KidneyContinue reading “Story 7 Omimi in Saarland”

Dylan: Knowing the Unknown

Article 42 Dylan: Knowing the Unknown This article is inspired by listening to Bob Dylan singing with friends including Donovan in London. What immediately follows is a lightly edited email to an old friend who runs a news aggregator website: on which was a link to the song ‘It’s all over now Baby Blue:’Continue reading “Dylan: Knowing the Unknown”

Grandfather’s Perpetual Learning Dream

Story 5: Grandfather’s Learning Dream Grandfather was born around the end of the last century. One of seven boys, their family was the first in the area to have a car. By the time he died, cars with their roads were everywhere. On our last day together he drove us out of the front gateContinue reading “Grandfather’s Perpetual Learning Dream”

Story 3: Tree of Life Dream

3 Tree of Life Dream Some dreams are remembered only as ending fragments (most in my case), but some are fairly involved stories which can be recalled years later. This one took place around 2015; I was then living in Nova Scotia, Canada which is where this one took place. The dream: Times were changing.Continue reading “Story 3: Tree of Life Dream”

From the Land of the Dead to the Land of the Living Preface: Someone told me this story about an old friend who made a Youtube recently about his experience with a near death experience (NDE) and its after-effects. We were driving at the time and then had a sudden flat tire adventure so my memory of the story is a little hazy. It seemed toContinue reading “From the Land of the Dead to the Land of the Living”

Horse in Hidden Paradise

Story 1 Horse in Hidden Paradise Comedian has friend whose grandmother lives in a hidden community in Mexico. He went there and had a great time, many parties, and to his surprise found that many Europeans lived there. (They are known for choosing beautiful places in Mexico, unlike North American ‘gringos.’) Anyway, one day whilstContinue reading “Horse in Hidden Paradise”

Yi Jing Query: How to be a creative, productive, successful writer

HEXAGRAMS (View pdf for the visual images of the hexagrams) Derived 31 Primary 49 Nuclears 44 (49,1 – 31 – 44) Trigrams *Below, Inner: : Fire Clarity, warmth, connection, passion Below Derived : Mountain Meditation, stillness, dignity, fruition Above, Outer: : Lake Joy, soft, reflections, beauty, imagination Below Nuclear: : Wind Patience, steps, penetration, humbleContinue reading “Yi Jing Query: How to be a creative, productive, successful writer”

Why ‘the gods’ are immortal

Article 39 Why the gods are immortal In another article, I might explain how ‘the gods’ might relate or not to the one God in the three main ‘religions of the book’ but to keep things simple for now let’s assume we are talking about something entirely different. In this series, ‘the gods’ refer toContinue reading “Why ‘the gods’ are immortal”

False Gods

Article 38 False Gods As mentioned in the previous Article, along with the sacred speech of ‘the gods’ there is also profane speech of false gods. I suspect most reading this will know already what that might be…. overly long and boring pause……. Yes, ego. Ego in the Buddhist sense which is how we funnelContinue reading “False Gods”

Personare: The Truthful Mask

Article 37 Personare: the Truthful Mask In the previous Article, a novel meaning for the word ‘gods’ was suggested, namely the sense of presence both generally and in relation to particular moments or phenomena. A mask like the example given in the previous Article may have no presence until it becomes the object of attentionContinue reading “Personare: The Truthful Mask”