Yi: Does Putin’s vision match geopolitical reality? 21-1,6 > 16 < 39

We have been dancing this way for millennia
Good and bad, friend and enemy, enlightened and degraded.
We know no other way.
Sometimes it is time to celebrate.
Sometimes it is time punish.

YI JING: War in Ukraine April 2022

Mother Russia bending down to discipline unruly child
The time for words is past; now it is time for firm action
demonstrating core principles to restore order and good relations in
the family. Those who refuse such discipline may find themselves
banished since such enmity, which has been involving fratricide for
many years now, can no longer be tolerated.

Story 3: Tree of Life Dream

3 Tree of Life Dream Some dreams are remembered only as ending fragments (most in my case), but some are fairly involved stories which can be recalled years later. This one took place around 2015; I was then living in Nova Scotia, Canada which is where this one took place. The dream: Times were changing.Continue reading “Story 3: Tree of Life Dream”