Yi: Is the SMO a Real or Managed Conflict? 55-3 > 51 < 28

55 Zenith – 51 Quake, Shock! < 28 Too much

The ideograph of Feng, Abundance

The ideograph of Feng takes the image of beans flourishing to express abundance. The ideograph consists of two parts. The lower part is a cooking vessel. The upper part shows the stems and leaves of beans. The overall picture is one of flourishing and abundance.

Continuing the geopolitical Yi Readings, and from picking up a lot of chatter about upcoming offensives which may escalate, possibly even to nuclear exchanges, I wondered out loud if maybe such speculations are overblown if for no other reason than clearly there seems to be some sort of agreement between the two main antagonists to keep all the kinetics on the black soil ‘killing fields’ of Ukraine. The Yi seems to indicate that skepticism is warranted.

Of interest is that the Primary hexagram 55 arose a couple of days earlier. And today I consulted on another matter – the meaning of life (!) – and got #9 for the third time in only six queries. I don’t know what those odds are, but borderline astronomical. I am presuming there are important, timely messages in the ether involving #9 (and now also #55 which usually indicates some sort of climax or zenith) so intend to spend a little more time on this latest #9 before publishing the document. As it is, #9 the Power of the Meek, is now involved with the journeys of both RFK Jr and President Xi – and now the Meaning of Life!

My personal feeling is that when particular Hexagrams start coming up again and again despite very heavy odds against, that it’s a sign of something important, though do not pretend to know what.

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3 thoughts on “Yi: Is the SMO a Real or Managed Conflict? 55-3 > 51 < 28

  1. I somehow feel a little better about things: the SMO and the general state of the world, with what you have written that the I Ching revealed.
    Volcanos in the East, as well.
    Thank you!

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  2. Well, we’ll see. There is plenty of confirmation bias at work with any Yi consultation. I try to start with the class text which has no idea what the current query was about and let it gradually influence how I view the hexagrams in relation to the subject matter. But I do have fairly strong biases viz geopolitics. That said, I was anticipating far more critical responses about the US and keep getting decidedly positive ones. I have found over the years that the Yi is right more often than not. But then it almost never expresses itself in pure black and white terms, more like in general over-arching principles of how various dynamics tend to work and play out over time. And since everything that does play out follows realities general ‘rules,’ well then the Yi will often tend to get it right. It also has a slight positive bias, because as humans we are always striving to make things end up being more good than bad. Any bad situation, for example, is an opportunity for growth and learning. Doesn’t mean it’s not bad – sometimes really bad – but really bad doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity for growth and learning either. Positive bias.


    1. I try to start with the class text shld read:
      I try to start with the classic text. (Didn’t realize you can’t edit after posting here!)


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