Toltec I Ching Series #1: About Trigrams and the Senses in our One and Many Universe.

William Horden. Image and Number text. Toltec I Ching series.
THE CHANGES is a microcosm of the mystical PATTERN OF ORDER AND CHANCE underlying SPIRIT and NATURE: It leaps beyond itself into the Unknowable, carrying the spirit warrior into the realm of transcendent experience.

Yi: Is Multipolarity a sincere goal or ruse? 42-4,5 > 21 < 23

The multipolar cause is for real and will lead to substantive, as
well as fundamentally just, changes. Heaven indicates a
cauldron/cooking/transformative process involving Earth’s
decisive momentum and change with tectonic shifts in the

Yi: Can Trump Win? If so can he be a good President? 43-2,4 > 63 < 1

Between Nuclear #1 and Derived #63 a national epic is unfolding.
The central dynamic in #43 involves proclaiming Truth to the Court of Public Opinion warning of the urgent need to eradicate the rampant corruption represented by the single yin line at the top about to be expelled from the Body Politic.