YI JING: War in Ukraine April 2022

Mother Russia bending down to discipline unruly child
The time for words is past; now it is time for firm action
demonstrating core principles to restore order and good relations in
the family. Those who refuse such discipline may find themselves
banished since such enmity, which has been involving fratricide for
many years now, can no longer be tolerated.

Yi: Earthquake on New Year’s Day!

Uncertainty rules, impermanence is always present
Be true to the moment never the same twice
The outer world is changing, changing
the old normal will never return.
When going forward is not possible, do not force
but remain within familiar circles
the humble hearth of home
without fear or arrogance.

Yi Jing Query: How to be a creative, productive, successful writer

HEXAGRAMS (View pdf for the visual images of the hexagrams) Derived 31 Primary 49 Nuclears 44 (49,1 – 31 – 44) Trigrams *Below, Inner: : Fire Clarity, warmth, connection, passion Below Derived : Mountain Meditation, stillness, dignity, fruition Above, Outer: : Lake Joy, soft, reflections, beauty, imagination Below Nuclear: : Wind Patience, steps, penetration, humbleContinue reading “Yi Jing Query: How to be a creative, productive, successful writer”