Yi: Is Multipolarity a sincere goal or ruse? 42-4,5 > 21 < 23

The multipolar cause is for real and will lead to substantive, as
well as fundamentally just, changes. Heaven indicates a
cauldron/cooking/transformative process involving Earth’s
decisive momentum and change with tectonic shifts in the

Yi: Does Putin’s vision match geopolitical reality? 21-1,6 > 16 < 39

We have been dancing this way for millennia
Good and bad, friend and enemy, enlightened and degraded.
We know no other way.
Sometimes it is time to celebrate.
Sometimes it is time punish.

A Comment that wasn’t – because too long!

I can just see it: some pimply, poncy Duc de Cologne or Marquis de Brie, rises to partake of camembert, garlic and wine of a morning, along with his petit pain and je ne sais quoi, then dons his outfit and quaffing the familiar reek of all that national culture swirling around in his helmet as he surveys the enemy laid out in battle formation before him.
Through the garlicky haze he spots an unfamiliar, well nigh unbelievable, sight: a couple hundred half naked enormous* savages with feathered headresses lying down suddenly….

2023-4-5 How can Russia-China create High Culture?

The people come into the Great Shrine in ‘Peaceful Wisdom Mountain’
and offer thousands of candles to Heaven and their Ancestors…
all flames burn steadily
with nary a flicker.
Thus Enlightened Society is ever dawning
in the Great Hall of the Ancestors in the Mountain
of timeless, ever present Wisdom and Compassion.