Mutually Invisible Enemies

Article 35 Mutually Invisible Enemies (Well, maybe not ‘enemies’ but it’s a catchy heading…) Soaking in the thermal waters of El Carrizel, Veracruz, my wife and I indulged in idle conversation, as is our wont, wherein the following musing arose like curling wisps of vapour from the surprisingly potent healing waters by a bend ofContinue reading “Mutually Invisible Enemies”

Why Materialism Sucks!

There is a big little niggle buried, like an engorged tick, in the flesh of the last piece on Humans and Realms, namely the oft-debated killjoy about whether the realms are purely a way of describing subjective as-experienced ‘reality’ or whether they depict actual ‘reality.’ Those holding to the latter view, which is most ofContinue reading “Why Materialism Sucks!”