May be haiku; may be not

Subtitle: Meanwhile, back in the real world…

walking purposefully towards the corner
another approaching too around the bend
we are destined to meet
and then at last suddenly….
a haiku!
in all its morning glory…

2023-05-17 #1

Meanwhile, Back in the Real World…

Watching a squirrel squirreting away on a nut with his
mini hands with their
mini fingernails
sometimes pausing to chew
or preen his
mini beard or
mini moustache
his round black eye beady and bright
and then
he looks up
into my gaze
my eyeballs
and cocks his head as if to say:
‘whats up?’
‘just lookin’’
‘hmm…. who’s lookin’ at whom, I wonder?’
‘The One looking at the Many
through the eyes of squirrel and man.’
‘fair enough’
And he turns back to his squirreting business.

Whether a haiku bumping into itself
around the corner of the next moment
which is always this moment
or a squirrel and man
sharing that same ever-present moment again
eyeball to eyeball
everything always is the One experiencing itself through the Many.
We are the Many. We are the One.
One of the primary characteristics of the One,
along with its only having form
via the forms of the Many
which it is forever spontaneously spawning,
is Presence…
some combination of
awareness with luminosity with intelligence
with spaciousness with aliveness.
We all feel it, but we don’t all pay attention
or feel what we are feeling.

Though quite a different life form than our own,
a plant lives in a universe saturated with
all these same vibrant, living qualities.
Often we become distracted by the running
internal commentary of monkey mind
But the Presence of the One is always there
always always always
is the true reality in which we live
all the time every moment
every place waking or sleeping
not some dead ‘objective’ space filled with mechanical physical bio-machines
imagined by the those in the
worldwide cult of materialist scientism and
bewitched by ‘modernization equals progress’ spells.

There is more in this world, Horatio,
than dreamt of in your little philosophy, said The Bard.
And so to dream….

(random ruminations…)

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