Yi Reading: 2023-4-8 Does President Xi have good geopolitical intentions? 9,1 > 57 < 38

Hexagram #9

Asking about Xi yielded the same Hexagram #9 as asking about RFK Jr a few days ago. Different changing line, but still, that’s quite a coincidence. Hopefully it means they will work together at some point.

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3 thoughts on “Yi Reading: 2023-4-8 Does President Xi have good geopolitical intentions? 9,1 > 57 < 38

  1. Your interpretation of the Nuclear 38 (Initial Evaluation) seems to be a minor controllable internal obstacle. Could it be a much bigger issue? Or could it also be interpreted based on current geopolitical events to be the tension between the Mainland and Taiwan Island, where both presumably exist under the ‘One China Policy’ but recently seems to have reneged by the USA and some of its allies in order to stoke fire.

    Hopefully, it will be nice if you could do a follow-up I Ching consultation on the possible resolution of the Mainland-Taiwan dilemma.

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    1. I think that’s a good take. I find the Yi is holographic in that the same symbol can resonate in different ways or contexts. Because the two main trigrams in 38 are ‘sisters’ (have one yin line making them feminine trigrams), this gives the notion of discord but not outright hostility. Qualities-wise, below is Lake – which has to do with pleasure, joy etc. – and above is Fire – which has to do with sunlight, clarity, protection and being connected. So why do the ancient masters call this Opposition?
      I am not a master, but perhaps it has to do with it being between 37 – Family, balanced relationships, things being in the right place – and 39 – Impasse, which is a more serious type of obstacle although the Mountain below trigram does not indicate battle type conflict more like being stopped type difficulty. There are also a lot of lines in the ‘wrong’ place. 1&4 are two yangs vs being one of each with preferably yang below; 2 & 5 are good yang to yin but upside down since 5 should be yang as the leader; 3 & 6 are also upside down. So that’s another reason. Joy and Clarity are all very well, but when things are out of place they just don’t sit right.
      I shall do a Yi on China Taiwan since you ask and since it’s interesting. I don’t have a strong opinion nor much knowledge about it. Clearly it is an island territory that has been a political football for quite some time. Obviously Taiwan is part of the Chinese cultural realm but politically things have happened there which have created fractures. No doubt many people have strong opinions about it but having never been there and having only spent 3 months in China I don’t. We shall see if the Cast has anything clear to say despite my fogginess!
      Thanks for your comment!


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