Yi Jing: Can any President rescue the Republic? 43,1 > 28 < 1

Yi Jing: Can any President rescue the Republic? 43,1 > 28 < 1

On 2023 03 30, about a week ago, I queried: “can the neocon era end without war?” and the answer was encouraging but also a little curious in that it posited a great ‘dragon arising from the field,’ a strong leader essentially, who would be able to rescue the situation which now featured evil, or low, people in charge keeping good people out of power. Yi Reading: 2023-3-6 Can the Neocon era end without war? 1- 2,3 > 33 < 1. Interestingly, the very significant Hexagram #1 came up in that one too: 1 Creative Potential > 33 Retreat < 1 Primordial Yang.

Today I asked the Yi if it would even be possible for a strong President to ‘rescue the Republic.’ This because many feel that the Republic has been floundering – at best – since the assassination of John F Kennedy whom – it has finally been published semi-officially – was murdered with the assistance of the US’s own intelligence agencies, a truly shocking thing of course, but it has been so many decades since it happened that all involved are all deceased. Recently a populist was elected and from the day after the election was subject to unending attacks and accusations, nearly all of them false, and never given the chance to govern properly beset as he was with most of the political establishment, including domestic intelligence and Big Tech media, arrayed against him. Even if all the neative stories about him were true in terms of his being unsuited for the Presidency, he nevertheless was duly elected and sworn in and as such deserved much better treatment. In attacking him the way the American Body Politic did, they degraded themselves and their country far more than he could ever have done and the nation is reaping the harvest of such degradations today.

Be that as it may, the question stands: assuming a really, really brave and good President were by some miracle to be elected, would he be able to save the Republic, by which is meant overthrow the corrupt elements which have captured it? The Yi has given a fairly resounding answer in the form of Hexagram #43, Breakthrough or Resolution. ‘One must make the matter known at the Court

Well, we shall see, but with all these Yang lines (with this Cast 15 out of 18) something heavy will be coming down, that much is for sureā€¦

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