Yi: Can the Neocon era end without war? 1- 2,3 > 33 < 1:

#1 Creative Potential > #33 Retreat < #1 Primordial Goodness

Hexagram #1 Initiating, Leadership

Window on the Hexagram

Jou Tsung Wa – I Ching Way to Divination:

1. A deer on a cloud means official rank granted by heaven.

2. The wise man cutting and polishing a piece of shining jade means a person must discipline and educate himself if he is to be a useful citizen.

3. The full moon in the sky means light shining in all directions.

4. An official climbing up the steps of the ladder to watch the moon means rapid and continuous advances in one’s career.

Image and Symbol

The image is six dragons governing the heavens.

The symbol is of all-inclusiveness.

Explanation of the hexagram by King Wan:

Qian brings the most profound success. It comes through persistence.

inspired by: Russia Declares War on the Straussians

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