Yi: USA: Best way forward for the Union: 54 Inappropriate Marriage leading to 24 Starting Over

Hexagram 54 Inappropriate Union

Window of the hexagram

  1. An official rides on a deer’s back and points at the clouds with his index finger. This means to have an ambition for things that are not presently available or obtainable.
  2. A fawn follows its mother. To advance smoothly in officialdom.
  3. The Chinese character for “literature” is on a flag hanging from a lookout post. This means the information one is anxiously expecting will be coming soon.
  4. A man stumbles and falls on thorns, his passenger helps him get out. People help those who help themselves.

The image is the sun obscured by threatening clouds.

The symbol is a time when Yin and Yang have no interrelation.

Jou Tsung Wa The Way to I Ching Divination

Continuing the Yi series of late, this Cast was more specifically about the United States, how best should she proceed forward as a Union?

The previous reading was about USA’s geopolitical dynamic and yielded: 42 Increase leading to 39 Impasse with Nuclear 23 Splitting Apart. The Reading suggested that an excess of outward-oriented expansiveness (Increase) has brought the US to an Impasse which will demand a period of introspective ‘putting one’s own house in order.’

This reading seems to relate quite well with that by indicating that the internal dynamic in the Union is untenable with bad relations throughout, between one party and the other, the States and the Federal Government, the Government and the People. What is required is a Fresh Start (24) so that proper equilibrium, which exists already within as revealed by Nuclear 63, can be reestablished. The Changing Lines in L2 and L4 create unbalanced trigrams in both the lower/inner and upper/outer realms, and recommend either going it alone altogether (L2) or delaying or not entering into this unfortunate marriage / Union (L5) which is no longer benefiting the lives of its citizens. This indicates that some States may opt for secession in order to break away from the Union.

The 24 Reform/Start Over process might involve a Constitutional Assembly which could attempt a more perfect Union along the lines of Hexagram 63 wherein all lines are in their proper places, something not the case with 54 even though 63 comes out from within it. This latter contradiction, or irony, suggests to this interpreter that the underlying fundamentals are excellent but the Union as is currently configured and run has become what is essentially a bad marriage, making it high time to start over (24). Quite possibly the first step is with divorce to end the unhealthy dynamic after which there could be assemblies to find a way forward, albeit going it alone is always an option.

(As always, the complete document is found in the pdf, also it is better laid out there.)

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2 thoughts on “Yi: USA: Best way forward for the Union: 54 Inappropriate Marriage leading to 24 Starting Over

    1. Yes, funny how this seemingly random process consulting an extremely old text can come up with such straightforwardly appropriate answers, though probably I obscure that fact with too much verbiage and notes!


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