Yi: Geopolital Reading of US-NATO axis March 27 2023

Hexagram 54 Inappropriate Liasons

Window of the hexagram

(Jou Tsung Wa – I Ching Way to Divination)

1. An official holds a small box. People adhering to the same principles will map their plans together.

2. A person pushes a wooden car. This means to seize an opportunity.

3. There is a deer and a coin. This is a good omen about wealth or a job, and one should act without hesitation.

As with all these YiJing Readings at this point, am attaching the pdf below with the full text and proper formatting.

As with all YiJing Readings published here, the front page presents the Hexagrams and basic Reading. Then what follows is background material that led to what was presented on the front page.

This particular Reading features a more prominent use of a recently developed method which incorporates Daoist Three Treasures (Heaven, Earth and Man) into the mix. I have read that one of the reasons the 6-line Hexagrams were developed was to give more of a Heaven, Earth Man feeling to the Readings but they do not come up in the text. Some will say that the top line is Heaven, the bottom line Earth and the middle line Man in any given Trigram. Of course a typical Hexagram features two trigrams, one above the other, and indeed four when the nuclear (inner) trigrams are included from lines 2,3,4 and 3,4,5 respectively. (In this reading that gives Hexagram #23.) But of course Heaven Earth and Man chart a different course and traditionally are arranged in couplets: top two lines are HEAVEN; bottom two lines are EARTH; and the middle two lines are MAN, whose function is to join them together.

I will soon publish a short paper on Heaven Earth and Man explaining the method used to incorporate them into a Reading, and after that possibly a full article on them, since they are a fascinating, very old insight or way of viewing reality coming to us from deep antiquity. They can be used for artistic, architectural and indeed societal design. In any case, in this Reading they ended up having quite a bit of input as the first page’s Judgment reveals….

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