Yi: WEF: Evil? Good? 13-4,5,6 > 36 < 44

13 Seeking Harmony > 36 Warmly connected society < 44 Difficult Liasons

Gua 13

The ideograph of the first character, tong, consists of three parts. The first part looks like an upright rectangle without the bottom line, symbolizing a door frame or a house. Within the house, there is a single horizontal stroke representing the number one. Underneath this is a little square symbolizing a mouth. In ancient China, people were counted by mouths. For instance, if someone wanted to know how many people there were in your family, they would ask “How many mouths are there in your family?” The three parts of the ideograph come together to depict a group of people gathered together as a single unit. Here, the mouth indicates that they are thinking or speaking as one. The Chinese can feel the harmony in the group. The ideograph of the second character, ren, suggests a person standing.

In yesterday’s Cast, I mentioned that would do an additional one querying the nature of the WEF given that they seem to get on very well with many of the Russia-China axis nations supposedly in conflict with the West. The result seems fairly clear: the entire ideology and leadership structure of the WEF is highly problematic and needs to change to its opposite, a people-friendly, cooperative approach. That might not make them evil, but it certainly indicates they are not a force for good.

Perhaps another question to ask is whether or not the push towards multipolarity – now well underway and seemingly unstoppable – is a sincere one, i.e. do they mean what they say or is this a ploy for centralized world governance whilst saying something quite different. If, for example, the multipolarity gambit is deceptive, then it might well align with the WEF, although the Yi here indicates that the current organization is going to go through radical change essentially replacing its ideology and leadership.

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