Yi: Can Trump Win? If so can he be a good President? 43-2,4 > 63 < 1

43 Eradication > 63 Completed < 1 Primordial Potency

Gua Hexagram 43
The ideograph illustrates the original meaning, to set apart. At the top of the ideograph there are two horizontal lines crossed by two vertical lines. The two horizontal lines and the vertical line on the right represent an object. The vertical line in the middle represents an act of separation. Underneath the central vertical line is the ideograph of a hand, shou, with three fingers and an arm. The hand is holding something—exactly what we no longer know—to set it apart. It can be interpreted as either to set apart good from evil or to set apart resolution from hesitation. In this gua, a yin element is set apart (eliminated) by five yang elements.
The structure of the gua is Lake above, Heaven below. When water on the ground has risen up to Heaven and accumulated as a lake of cloud in the sky, surely there will be a cloudburst. This gua signifies the rupture of an accumulation of tension in human society, like a river bursting over its banks. It is time for the righteous to eliminate the inferior forces and their influences through an act of resolution. There are five solid lines, representing the just, under a yielding line. Their influences are blending together and growing stronger. As a result, they take resolute actions to eliminate negative forces.

Continuing the geopolitical Yi series, this one features Donald J Trump, a larger-than-life figure in the US political theater. The results of the throw are surprisingly apropos although I cannot see a clear unequivocal result, more like the main facets in play. Which do come through clearly. Simply put: he has a mission to proclaim to the Court of the King, which in a Republic is the People, that corruption exists and must be expelled from the Body Politic. He has already been doing this, far more than any other political leader in living memory, but rarely spells things out. Hexagram 43 urges him to do so, to use speech as a substitute for conflict or civil strife and to fully eradicate the corrupt elements.

Of course, this is an almost impossible mission. In the Reading, the lower changing line indicates ongoing attacks which will continue to prove ineffective. However, the Line 4 Changing Line is worrisome, both for Trump and the nation, for it indicates they will greatly hamper his ability to walk, flaying the skin from his thighs, a very harsh image; further, he will not listen to advisors counselling a different approach. Will the Deep State once again hobble him as they clearly did during his first term?

The Derived Hexagram 63 is one I personally always find hard to read. 1 and 2 and 63 and 64 represent extreme states, with 1 being all yang lines, 2 being all yin lines and 63 & 64 having alternating yin-yang all the way through. 63 starts with a yang line so is regarded as better structured, but basically both represent balance, moreover the end of the 1-64 progression. We start with all six lines being either all yang (#1) or all yin (#2) and end with perfect balance of three and three alternating one at a time in perfect order. So in a way this Cast shows us Nuclear #1 Primordial Creativity-Yang, some sort of Breakthrough in #43 returning the situation to All Yang #1 and #63 at the end. At the least this looks like something major, even epic.

Well, Trump’s slogan is to Make America Great Again, so all these yang lines denoting Greatness indicate that at the very least he has a shot. (Why else would they keep up the constant lawfare unless they perceive him as dangerous?) Those who believe that the elections are no longer conducted in a fair, transparent fashion might argue that there is no way he can win even if he gets the most votes, but what the Powers that Be also want is that he is not even perceived as someone who could possibly win. This is far better than him looking like a winner but narrowly failing to get enough votes because a handful of key swing state cities narrowly give the victory to his opponent. So they will continue to demonize and attack as much as possible. Meanwhile his mission, as revealed in Hexagram #43 Eradication/Breakthrough is to trumpet his message to the Royal Court of the People that there is serious corruption which must be excised. And let the chips fall where they may.

In May of 2020 I did a Cast about Trump’s election chances and received #3 Difficulties at the Beginning changing to #63 (again!) with the changing line in the third place indicating that if he went forward with this Great Undertaking lacking support he would be humiliated, which indeed happened since of course all along he has lacked support from the political establishment which always is more powerful than any elected official including the Chief Executive. This Cast has no such warning but does predict that his path, especially viz dealing with the Deep State in #4 (which represents leadership in the wrong 4th line position versus the correct 5th line), is going to hurt. (Come to think of it, this was my first ever political Cast.)

In this context does #63 indicate a successful outcome? Or does it indicate that it’s over already? Well, the questions in the Query are can he win and if so will he be a good (reform) President? It looks to me like the answer to both questions is yes. But will he win? That’s another question for another Cast!

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