Note from the Baron: shift in emphasis

The personal Yi for the Year was 31,6 – 33.

#31 Influence-Telepathy has to do with tuning into others and non-verbal communication, non-conceptual intelligence (also marriage which is on the schedule for this October) whilst #33 Retreat has to do with retreating into solitude, not engaging with negative outer situations. The changing line #6 in the #31 Hexagram indicates that it’s time to reduce use of the mouth including words and speech and rather emphasize non-conceptual realization. So this is what the author will be attempting this upcoming year, hopefully.

The posts that get the most views and likes are – by a factor of 5-10 – the haiku. Haiku involve developing a feel for the non-verbal presence of events and moments so are a good discipline and suit the upcoming gestalt. Therefore, in future this blog will mainly feature haiku and spontaneous poetry with little other more dense, intellectual input. People seem not to find it interesting and I think it would be better to spend less time on trying to explain what ultimately is not explainable and rather just do it quietly and alone.

So thanks to all those who have been liking the haiku and not liking anything else – with a few notable exceptions to whom more thanks. The message has been received and more importantly the oracle has spoken and most importantly it all aligns with the author’s mood these days, so less of the other stuff will be forthcoming.

So let’s close with a spontaneously composed haiku:

chrysanthemums and lollipops

like children playing in the fields

elicit gentle smiles

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