Yi: Earthquake on New Year’s Day!

Uncertainty rules, impermanence permanent...
Be true to the ever-present moment never the same again
The outer world is changing, changing
the old normal never to return.
When going forward not possible do not force but
without fear or arrogance
remain within the familiar hearth of humble home.

Using a special method that calculates the Hexagrams based on the time of an event produced an almost incredible coincidence: yesterday morning at 08.30, which was the Buddhist New Year’s Day, at our home we felt an earthquake strong enough to shake things around a little but not enough to make any cracks in the walls or anything like that. Enough to get us running out of the house.

I have no idea what the odds are that a method based on time consulting about an earthquake would yield the Hexagram #51 which is about Thunder, Shock. Some texts mention the earth shaking. Basically, it’s the Thunder and Earthquake hexagram. If the event had been more than 30 minutes earlier or later it would not have yielded #51.

To me, this re-inforces the throw I made later that day up in our cabin property which was the always significant Hexagram #1 Heaven, the Creative which I interpreted to mean that we may be on the verge of a new era in human history, the passing of the old normal and the emergence of something different.

  • First was the Earthquake which yielded #51, Shock!
  • Then came the throw for the year (which I have done now for 45 years in a row) which yielded the highly significant Hexagram #1, Heaven.
  • Then whilst doing the throw and consulting the Yi texts, first six vultures settled in a tree in front and after I finished consulting they were joined by one more, making seven. After a minute or two they flew away. (The Water Tiger Year throw featured six yang lines with one of them changing to yin, seven lines in all.)
  • Last year’s Yi cast yielded #54 which this cast features. https://baronbrasdor.art/2022/03/14/2021-lunar-new-years-yi/
  • Such coincidences, even though happening to a simple individual in the wilds of nowhere, indicate portentous times…..
7 vultures witnessing the author throw a Hexagram with six yang lines and one changing to yin: seven lines in all

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