Yi: RFK as candidate for President 9-5 > 26 < 38

9 Soft Power > 26 Contained Power < 38 Discord

[excerpt from the text:]

Preliminary Summary

RFK is an iconic presence in American consciousness as a young boy whose uncle and father were publicly assassinated. In a way, this young boy is represented as Hexagram 9, a yin line in the 4th place surrounded by 5 yang lines. A significant but diminutive figure in an overall 5-yang-line powerful context. 26 indicates Greatness contained within lofty, majestic mountains. Like his father and uncle, he can access this greatness and inspire people to follow him. The fact that 9 and 26 are the only two Hexagrams dealing with storing up power and that the Changing Line links them together is auspicious. 38 indicates a process involving continuous disagreements; the ideogram depicts people side by side with different views; nothing unusual in this given the political context. In sum, this Cast indicates that RFK has significantly great potential as a candidate but it’s too early to say much more than that given Accumulation / Storage is obviously about potential, not yet full fruition.

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