2023 Year of the Water Hare

This blog now continues after a one-year hiatus. Nothing much will change. It will still be experimental although this year intend to dive more into current affairs and events, albeit still usually with some sort of contemplative perspective. Am no journalist or political partisan and do not intend to become one, but news and politics will sometimes feature.

This first post is just to share a couple of Yijing readings done on Lhosar in Tibetan which is the traditional Buddhist (and generally Asian) lunar New Year, known by many in the West as ‘Shambhala Day.’ Because the lay-out is difficult in this blog interface, I simply paste in the pdf’s for those interested. I found these readings a little difficult to interpret this year but perhaps I can adjust them as events unfold. Some might call that cheating, but the main value I find in the Yi is that it’s deep-rooted daoist wisdom helps unpack or reveal the underlying patterns in play. If you can see those patterns well, then whatever future later arises is a natural unfolding of those patterns. So reading the future boils down to reading the present. As it should be. Psychics have an altogether different approach. I am not one.

The first pdf uses a time-based calculation including year, month, day and hour in this case the New Moon in Mexico at 01:05 AM on February 20th 2023. The third pdf uses the same time-based method but shows the results for Kiev, Moscow and Beijing for those interested. There is no commentary prepared on that page. The second pdf is a cast done in the early AM of Shambhala Day and is the author’s personal reading for the year, albeit given the heavy influence that world affairs have these days the reading features both a ‘world’ and a ‘personal’ perspective on the result.

The Yi is a personal hobby. Am not an advanced practitioner of the art and do not share every reading here on the blog. But given this is a New Year set of throws, I thought them appropriate to share.

These readings are also published on my substack, the first one at: https://ashleyschowes.substack.com/p/yijing-event-method-2023-year-of

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