To Her Majesty

To Her Majesty

Glory be to the Queen of
She a mighty drala far above the
Clash of minion argument and
Discord brash of malcontent

Along the waves of Majesty
The Queen of He and Queen of She whose
Brow is thundering firmament and
Gaze of lightning rips the tent of

Hither and thither scurrying minds who
To and fro have lost the Way the
Grip of banksters’ greed is rent and
Subjects’ glory bright as Day

The Queen of Me, the Queen of Thee
The Queen of They and Thou and We
The Queen of This, the Queen of That
The Queen beneath Mad Hatter’s Hat

Long Live Her Glorious Majesty
Beyond the Ken of Me and We
Beneath the waves, above the sky
Beyond all thoughts of where and why

We love thee dearly, ‘Lizabeth
And wish Thee Heaven in Thy rest.

Baron of Bras D’Or
Wednesday September 14th, 2022
Xico, Mexico.

Published by The Baron

Retired non-profit administrator.

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