Ekphrastic Tanka #10: Living Olmec

Olmec Head

deep down in the earth
high in the heavens
intertwined jungle days and nights
swirling past and future visions
dark enfolds the light

Tanka #10 July 23 2022

We are building a modest casita in the hills of old Olmec country near a village that existed before the Spanish came. Cortez came through here apparently, landing near Veracruz, making his way up to these hills – now coffee and goat cheese country – and then further down towards Puebla and Mexico City, the high central area of Mexico. A few hills are rumored to be old pyramids underneath. Neither in the books written by historians nor in the eyes of the living descendants of these Old People is there any evidence one way or another. What did they know, these ancient Olmeca? What have we forgotten? There is much ignorance all around us, always. But also, if we care to look, perhaps more wisdom than we choose to see. Wisdom in how grass grows, how cheese is made, how to build well, fashion furniture, cook a meal… or listen to birdsong.

Published by The Baron

Retired non-profit administrator.

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