Meditation Haiku 2022: #1 – 6



oar of mindfulness gently swirls
fathomless ocean of
primordial presence-awareness

2022-03-22 #1

cannot be captured or destroyed
but forever ignored in
ever-spinning samsara

2022-03-22 #2

diving into the deep…
no need
to come up grasping
for air

2022-03-22 #3

sitting quietly
by the stream
singing quietly
by me

2022-03-23 #4

the Buddha talks to me
when I’m not listening
quietly sitting…

2022-05-25 #5

exploding mexican fiesta fireworks
powerfully percussive
shattering the present into splinters

2022-07-13 #6

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Retired non-profit administrator.

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