Ekphrastic Tanka Series

Ekphrastic Tanka Series #1: Hear my Ancient Call

From Gabriel Rosenstock’s Tanka Book “Secret of Secrets” p 16 https://www.edocr.com/v/djr6qn6d/gabrielrosenstockbis99/secret-of-secrets

hear my ancient call

from mists beyond the hermit’s cell

see the rising dawn

we who gaze with bated breath

journeying from one to all

#1 April 28 2022

Ekphrastic Tanka #2: A Man’s Song

Gabriel Rosentock’s “Brighting of Days” p48 Artwork by: Freddy Krupa

always in our mind

swirling ’round to end of time

you from whom we come

we come to you in time of need

giving you our precious seed

TANKA #2 APRIL 28 2022

Ekphrastic Tanka #3: Eternity

From Gabrial Rosenstock’s Secret of Secrets
Image by Isoda Koryusai

Heaven entwines Earth

we intertangling creatures

bound unto glory

I see your eyes in my gaze

locked now in eternity

TANKA #3 APRIL 28 2022

Tanka #4: Heaven’s Breath

Stonehenge – Britain

given end of days

showering Heaven’s last gasp

rocks scattered like leaves

gods breathing timeless wonder

we waiting below wordless

TANKA #4 APRIL 28 2022

Ekphrastic Tanka 5: Bodhgaya

Photo by Matthieu Ricard in Bodhgaya

we remember you

we voices in the river

flowing through centuries

what is lost can never speak

what is remembered: a dream

TANKA #5 MAY 2 2022

Ekphrastic Tanka 6: Monastery

when you call to me

summoning present trumpets

my answer still echoes

reverberating valley wide

resonating through the clouds

TANKA #6 MAY 2 2022

Ekphrastic Tanka 7: Funeral of a Buddha

Offrande de cent mille lampes sur le stoûpa de Bodhnath après la mort de Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpotché Photo by Matthieu Ricard

the world is awake

the whole world awakening

this world waking dream

how many kalpas to come?

secrets revealed in the lights

TANKA #7 MAY 2 2022

Ekphrastic Tanka #8: Youthful Gaze

His Holiness Dingo Khyentse Rinpoche by Matthieu Ricard 

in early morning light

you dance in the golden fields

of a brand new day

when we are young we struggle

when we are old we rejoice

TANKA #8 MAY 2 2022

Note: Tanka traditionally feature a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable structure.

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