A spontaneously composed poem is…

Spontaneous poem is like Brushstroke journey One moment following into the next black ink on white paper shape out of the formless punctuation for the sheer hell of it … Even a pause is continuation of the flowering … Even silence speaks…. … And then off we go again Sometimes soaring into rarified alpine airsContinue reading “A spontaneously composed poem is…”

Why ‘the gods’ are immortal

Article 39 Why the gods are immortal In another article, I might explain how ‘the gods’ might relate or not to the one God in the three main ‘religions of the book’ but to keep things simple for now let’s assume we are talking about something entirely different. In this series, ‘the gods’ refer toContinue reading “Why ‘the gods’ are immortal”

A Glimpse of the Sacred

Article 30 A glimpse of the Sacred Whilst driving through sub-par Mexican country roads on the way to a rather nice local thermal pool in Veracruz, I was asked ‘how do you make a space sacred?’ I was a little taken aback because I regard that as a rather huge topic about which volumes couldContinue reading “A Glimpse of the Sacred”