Yi: EVENT: 2023-04-23 11:30 Tucker Carlson Out 64,6 > 63 <40

64 Almost Done > 40 Relief < 63 Done

Gua Hexagram 64
The ideograph of wei is meticulous—it looks simple, yet its meaning is profound. The stem of the ideograph is a tree, mu. A second curved stroke was added through the tree and thus the ideograph of wei was created. Without the horizontal stroke we have a picture of a tree with its roots growing downward and its branches growing upward. The horizontal stroke represents the ground. The portion of the tree underneath the ground is still alive. It has already grown to its full height (fulfilled its growth), and now it starts a new cycle of growth. The structure of the ideograph supplies a vivid picture of having achieved one’s goal, but not yet having been fulfilled. There is a new cycle to come.
The meaning of the ideograph of ji, fully explained in the previous gua, signifies crossing a river, from here to there, or from beginning to end.

Today we have another Current Affairs Yi cast. Not only am I enjoying them but am learning a lot. I believe that learning is one of life’s most profound pleasures, as well as being a necessity. If we are not learning, we are not living, put it that way.

I used the Event Method from Jou Tsung Wa’s I Ching Way to Divination. Formally it is called The Hu Tien Method: Shao’s Marvelous Pillow. To calculate the hexagram you just need the date and time of day down to the nearest hour. Anything between 2:00 and 2: 59 counts as 2. And then the day, month and year are worked into it as well. Very simple. I will publish the method at some point because it’s fun and easy. Whilst working on the resultant Reading I popped into my favorite geopolitical website Moon of Alabama and mentioned that I had done a cast on the Tucker Carlson suddenly leaving Fox News story which had just broken an hour earlier and that it featured the only Hexagram of 64 with mention of a fox (!) and also that the changing line indicated that Tucker’s leaving caused relief, moreover that some of the commentary – from Confucius no less about 2,500 years ago, indicated that the fox was not expecting that end so probably Tucker is the one who walked. Somebody there wondered out loud how this could work because presumably if lots of people did the cast with their sticks there would be different results, no? Well, not with this time method. I used Eastern Standard Time because presumably that’s where it happened. And then I proceeded to give a short – and I think rather nifty – explanation of the Yi which is now pasted in below:

Comment made at MoA:

Scorpion, you ask the question, then you throw your yarrow sticks and from them you assess the divination. What happens if at the same time a number of other people ask the same question, throw their sticks and do their interpretations. Will there be similarity of results?

Posted by: Ново З | Apr 24 2023 20:22 utc | 138

This method is based purely on time. No sticks. Each hour things re-arrange. I used it once on lunar New Year’s in 2022. At 8.30 AM we had a fairly large earthquake. So I used this time method and got Double Thunder – quaking below, quaking above!

The whole thing is ridiculous, but coincidences like that keep happening. People have been puzzling over these patterns for millennia. They are based on a simple but profound insight that our relative world – the world of living beings dwelling in the realm of experiencing – is binary, or has polarity. Coins have two sides, put it that way, but that principle runs through everything. They made a symbolic language that is part visual part mathematical out of this insight. When you spend time with the hexagrams you start to see relationships with different shapes and patterns like the shapes and patterns in everyday life which in turn reveal basic principles.

Water is just water, but also the qualities of water reveal various different aspects of reality, both physical, emotional and spiritual. It yields, it flows, its outside can be easily penetrated but its core is the source of all organic life forms, it can flow around any obstacle over time and reaches its journeys end. And so forth. Fire on the other hand is most intense on the outside but hollow, sometimes almost cool on the inside in the blue center. So it radiates outwards and upwards, whereas water concentrates inward and downward. [Fire also has to do with interdepency in that it depends upon fuel to exist, so it also involves relationships, warmth, compassion, also inflammation, hysteria – which Tucker sometimes manifests, often when laughing during his broadcasts]. We can see these sorts of dynamics in plant shapes, as well as emotional styles, qualities and outcomes. Everything relates to everything and yet everything comprises limitless differences and particularities. The yin-yang lines and trigrammatic structures are a way of mirroring this. Some can read tea leaves. Others read hexagrams.

It’s best not to try to determine whether it’s art, science or hocus pocus. Just like one can only go so far contemplating who we are, where we are, what is going on. None of us know how we are made and yet here we all are. Some things just don’t get to be spelled out.

Meanwhile, the Gateway Pundit has a good and short piece on Tucker and why he had to leave this week.

After posting I wish I had added something about Heaven Earth and Man, which is purportedly the reason behind the initial creation of the trigrams as essential building blocks as are two-line relationships of course. Heaven is what is open, spacious, pure mind, atmosphere, formless but with presence. Earth is the material, the manifest, phenomenon, multiplicity of forms, body. Man is in between, is speech, is all the qualities that all phenomena reflecting both Heaven and Earth display. Such elements, which we experience every day moment by moment, are also reflected in the line relations and patterns, just as do all structures and inner and outer phenomena – aka experiences.

As with all these Readings, many will find them too verbose or confusing. They are half notes, half work in progress type composition. The whole thing is summed up on the front page though, which is a quick, easy read.

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One thought on “Yi: EVENT: 2023-04-23 11:30 Tucker Carlson Out 64,6 > 63 <40

  1. Addendum day after:
    Mediaite reports TC was fired. So a more simple interpretation, which I didn’t think to consider, was that TC being represented by Fire in the upper trigram of 64 simply indicated that he was Fired!


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