Yi: Can a Presidential Election restore the American Republic? 35-3 > 56 < 39

35 Powerful Prince > 56 Transition < 39 Impasse

Gua Hexagram 35

Whilst going through the textual analysis for this Query and preparing the above document, first a squeal from the living room next door then a tentative knock on the study door: the housekeeper needed help because there was a very large spider! I went in and heroically coaxed the hairy little beast onto the sweeper using the broom and pitched her gently outside into the garden.

This presented a good opportunity to use Jou Tsung Wa’s ‘I Ching Way to Divination’ version of the I Ching whose introduction features a few methods I haven’t read elsewhere, namely using the time or the nature of an event as the basis for determining the lower and upper trigrams and any changing lines.

Two New Year’s ago we had an Earthquake at 08.30 AM and I used this method which produced #51 – Quake! After that, I treated the method with a little more respect. I don’t generally go along with New Age magical thinking approaches, but there are so many coincidences with the Yi Jing that I cannot deny them, though that doesn’t mean I can explain them either. In any case, today whilst analysing Hexagram 35 a tarantula appeared yielding the Fire Trigram above (requires use of intuition) and the lower trigram is calculated by the direction, in this case front right or North East which yields Earth – Hexagram 35!

And this method yielded the same Hexagram as the one I was studying when the Event took place. So to my way of thinking this means that one should pay attention to it. To be honest, I was finding the Cast a little vague or weak and some of the text above reflects this. However, now that the Tarantula Event has yielded the same Hexagram and the changing line text clearly states that a period of stagnation might soon be ending, maybe this Presidential Election in the US, unlike most if not all in the past half century or so, will make a difference. For sure the country needs it. My personal opinion is that the US is now a post-republic kleptocracy so no elections are meaningful – at least not in terms of substantive outcome; but would be delighted to be proven wrong.

Finally, cannot help but point out the seeming serendipity of this Cast’s ‘Powerful Prince’ coming to the rescue and the recent formal announcement of RFK throwing his hat into the ring as Candidate for President. If anyone can be regarded as a Prince (of sorts) in the US, it’s not Harry from another Kingdom, but Robert Kennedy Jr. of the Kennedy family, whose father was assassinated whilst running for President and whose uncle was assassinated whilst actually President. They are the closest America has – in the public sphere at least – to royalty.

Here is the second ‘Tarantula Event’ Reading:

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6 thoughts on “Yi: Can a Presidential Election restore the American Republic? 35-3 > 56 < 39

  1. You appear to have researched the I Ching exhaustively. Far more so than I and my Wilhelm translation. I was lucky to aquire a little paperback in the 1970s, which is no longer available, that purported to combine Zen philosophy with the I Ching. However, that’s long gone. So now it’s just me and Wilhelm.
    Using his hexagram labels; 35, 3 (Progress) > 56 (The Wanderer) with the nuclear hexagrams for each being 39 (Obstruction) > 61 (Inner Truth).
    The third line suggests an agreed ‘group narrative’ that the subject of the divination becomes the spokes person of, which is acceptable to the PTB (line 3). Wilhelm uses the example of feudal lords and the overall monarch, where the narrative of the subject of the divination is acceptable to all parties of that power arrangement. Assuming that the ‘overall monarch’ is the electorate of the USA the ‘feudal lords’ could represent the existing ‘movers and shakers’ in the corporate democracy that is the government of the USA.
    The nuclear hexagram of 35 is 39 and the Judgement suggests retreat is preferable to advance because of the ‘…obstacles that cannot be overcome directly…. However, this is merely a preparation for overcoming the obstructions. One must join forces with friends of like mind… [find an agreed philosophical/political base/creed] …:then one will succeed in removing the obstacles. This requires the will to persevere…. This unswerving inner purpose brings good fortune in the end.’
    That final sentence harmonises with the nuclear hexagram for 56, which is 61 (Inner Truth).
    The basic advice for ‘The Wanderer’ seems to be watch your mouth and treat everyone with respect because wanderers are always outsiders in the environments they pass through and the advice to retreat and ‘brighten your brightness’ seems to confirm the need for time to pass in order to demonstrate an inner truth to one’s character and philosophical message.

    Adversity is definitely coming. Things have to get worse before they get better here in ‘the west’. We have had it too good, our elites are as uninformed and out of touch with basic realities as the least informed of us, and those that think they are ‘informed’ are probably less informed than they think. So it’s going to take all of us and a philosophy of life that exhibits an inner truth to most of us recognise to get any where near a world environment that suits the majority. In the short term ‘leaders’ and ‘followers’ are not the answers to what we are faced with.

    Perhaps Bill and Ted were right, ‘Be excellent to each other’, although the Discordian motto of ‘Think for yourself schmuck’ is also pretty good. ;o)

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    1. The Yi is neat, no? Helps make us contemplate various variables and aspects and how things relate on different layers and levels. Like life.
      Don’t knock Wilhelm! I have been consulting the Yi since the 1970’s but it was only in the last two years that I started looking at other versions. I still find his translation the most conservative and solid. However, it has a particular thrust which is to emphasize Confucian-style morality. The Yi can also be used for yogic or shamanic interpretations, not to mention Buddhist, Daoist, medical, political and so on. So I have enjoyed dipping into other versions not because I think one is wrong and the other right, rather contemplating the same thing from different angles is helping me apply the structure and dynamic of the hexagrams to the query.
      Indeed, it was mainly as an exploratory exercise that one day I decided to ask a geopolitical question, the idea being to reflect on the Hexagrams and textual suggestions in an entirely different context from the usually personal ones I have considered most of the past forty plus years. To my surprise, the Readings proved far easier in terms of linking text and query.
      Also, I am now starting to peer ‘into the Hexagram’ to find my own meanings with various line and trigram configurations.

      Finally, two years ago I took an online course at https://www.yjcn.nl/wp/workshops/ where we just looked at the trigrams alone without consulting the text at all. That was a very interesting and helpful exercise.

      Anyway, thanks for your kind remarks and all best!!


      1. Hi, thanks for the reply. The course you mentioned sounds very interesting. Reminds me of something similar to a workshop (I didn’t attend) at a festival I did site decoration for a few years. It was specifically about astrology and roleplaying the planets. Good festival fayre. I enjoyed your contribution at MoA using Hexagram 20 (contemplation) to understand the dynamics of China and Russia and the New Model World-Order (multi polarism) and my little foray into the process. I’m assuming it was you. Cheers


  2. WRT to my initial post, and the assertion “That final sentence harmonises with the nuclear hexagram for 56, which is 61 (Inner Truth).” The nuclear hexagram for 56 is 27. Probably not important but it has been bugging me since I realised that one can never derive 61 as a nuclear hexagram, which in itself is very interesting. Thanks for this opportunity to revive my interest in the I Ching.


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