Haikus: #79-90 Contemplations

the sound of music

is neither inside nor outside

neither existent nor non-existent

¡que milagro!

#79 26/01/2022

delicate blossom petal

falls to the ground

as if in a dream

#80 26/01/2022

crickets singing outside

sounding in my ear…

musical messengers of


#81 26/01/2022

cricket song

is it sounding inside or outside?

Who’s asking?

#82 26/01/2022

sipping green tea

each swallow disappearing

into fathomless ocean

#83 27/01/2022

limitless luminosity…

is this unsurpassable complete enlightenment

or just more of the same-old same-old?

#84 27/01/2022

sitting inside in winter

mind settled into mind but:

no frog

plopping into pond!

#85 27/01/2022

materialists may beg to differ

but we all know what we know:

that in the beginning is Word…

living mind-spells weaving

matter into being

#86 27/01/2022

one lone bird warbling

one whole life story

in fragile moment of song

#87 31/01/2022

On viewing a family of water beetles swirling around on a river pond’s surface:

every place is a country

every country a kingdom

whose monarch is primordial wakeful knowing

#88 31/01/2022

true meditation is

resting in the nature of mind

without deliberately meditating

or any such grasping

at anything arising

#89 31/01/2022

raucous squawking ducks and magpies

joyful and mournful

a brand new day and

the passing of an era

#90 2022/02/01

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