Poem: A song of simplicity

Song of Simplicity

Turning away from complexities
of this and that
of me and mine
of where and what and why and when
turning toward simplicity
like a bird tucking head ‘neath wing to sleep on bough
like cloud slowly passing in blue above
like my dog chasing her toy with the little bell inside
like Bach harpsichord pieces sounding with early morning green tea
like one breath at a time
like plants in the early morning waiting for later sunshine
standing still, present, fresh, simple, awake
like dew on dawn grass
like millions of leaves waiting in quivering stillness for wind
like paint staying faithfully on a wall
like old wrappers scudding across pavement expanse
like you and me gazing into each others’ eyes
and finding the smile of old love ready to crack another joke
like bacon smell in the morning
like steam rising from the coffee cup
like a clean house with all in order
like our dog running and jumping in the woods out of sheer joy of being
like listening to naturally beautiful birdsong

like letting thoughts loose without addictively grasping them
like letting feelings go, all returning to original gracefulness
like following the path because the crunch of gravel is so satisfying
like another simple sip of green tea
like sitting quietly enjoying the primordial nature of mind
like letting go
like letting be
like loving you
like you loving me
like we are all one
and none.

Note: This song of simplicity relates to the ‘Effortless Resting’ section of the Lyme Liturgy:

The imagined situation vanishes like mist over a lake in the morning sun,
Leaving body, speech and mind at one with the birdsong:
Present, fresh, ordinary, naked, awake.

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Retired non-profit administrator.

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