Trikaya Ruminations #3 All experience involves primordial mind

“If you believe there is a thing called mind, it is just a thought. If you believe there is no thing called mind, it’s just another thought. Your natural state, free of any kind of thought is buddhanature.”  Tulku Ugyen

Preface: The following is a short piece attempting to express a few things about where we all come from as it were, or the inseparable trinity of dharmakaya sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya. It might also be the basis for a playful non-materialist ‘nature of reality proclamation.’ And perhaps this will become a work in progress….


All experience involves primordial mind which is more a field, or space, than a thing per se.
Any notion of experience beyond mind, so-called objective reality, is only a hypothetical concept which can never be verified by anyone other than someone with a mind. A reality without mind can be imagined but cannot be verified as such.
Primordial, knowing mind is behind all and every experience so every experience is inseparable from primordial mind.
Confusion is the process whereby we believe that mental events, beings and phenomena are independent from this primordial field even though such confusion is a part of and not apart from it.

Confusion is a made-up contrivance, a fold temporarily concealing writing revealed when the paper is unfolded back to its original state. Put another way: thoughts are mind made of Mind.
All the realms of samsara including all beings and terrains in which they dwell are created by confused minds mistakenly believing that all forms they perceive, including thoughts, are separate from the universal ground of primordial wakefulness, the three kayas of dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya – or mind, energetic expression and body.

Meditation involves resting in the nature of whatever is happening and allowing the experience to reveal the presence of underlying primordial mind which is not a definable entity with a beginning, middle and end.
Because it is always there, always present beyond past or future and always with a sense of knowing awareness it cannot be said either to exist (since it has no beginning or end or spatial form or boundary) or not to exist (because it is experienced) and the same is true for all beings and realms in which they dwell.

Primordial awareness has three qualities:
– It is clear like a mirror whose surface can reflect no end of forms without being in the slightest effected by any of them.
– It is bright like the sun for awareness is a type of self-existing illumination like bio-luminescence.
– It has a knowing-sentient quality like a wise grandparent or ancestral god, a vast, fathomlessly deep ocean unchanged by though inseparable from any of the endless parade of particular wave actions above.

In a sense, what confusion-samsara does is split the endless variety of particularities on the nirmanakaya surface into seemingly separate, autonomous entities in so doing ignoring that they are inseparable from the all-pervasive, formless continuum of dharmakaya. This splitting is called ‘dualism.’ When the dharmakaya primordial mind nature of reality is being experienced at the same time as nirmanakaya particularities with all their sambhogakaya qualitative displays, this is no longer dualism but rather a liberated, open perception-awareness known as ‘realization.’

When realization develops from being an occasional glimpse to non-stop 24/7 state, this is known as ‘enlightenment.’

So there you go.

This article follows on from an earlier one describing the three kayas, dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya (One, qualities, Many).

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