Poem: Voices of Madness – III – the gods

Voices of Madness III: the gods

A broad river of cream
changing colours slowly
and slowly flowing forward, inexorable
thick, heavy, primordial, meaningful
deepening glory, deepening content
then suddenly!
black sticks shoot up in all directions like angry stiff fingers
harmony and wisdom broken in shards…
the dreamer awakes
into the everyday world
of this and that
and bric a brac.

Clouds know
from whence they come and where they go
Do you know
from whence you come and where you go?
‘Do you see my cloud dragons?’ asks a sky god
‘Do you see my coat of many colours?’ asks Jacob
‘Do you remember your past lives?’ asks the psychic

Zeus wields his thunderbolt, its searing flash
piercing the veil twixt knowing and unknowing;

Thor’s kaleidoscopic crash of thunder
echoes throughout the three times
into the deep beyond thought

Mercury’s mercurial messengering
mumbles unmistaken murmers of muttered moonshine magnificence

Kali minds her manners trampling on second thoughts
oblivionizing them nonchalantly
as she grinds the pestle and mortar of birth and death

Yama spits out the bones of every corpse he’s ever ground
between his molars of destiny
his subliminal indifference

Persephone, queen of the night, consort of Dark
glides from his loins, seductress of stimulation
sad beyond any measure of joy or sorrow

Ekajati, the one-eyed red one with one breast
breathes her majesty of mayhem
into the twisted bones of all her shattered enemies

HRIH! cries the Red Lady
the original dakini
born of the unborn
nourished in Ur and Swat
and now sojourning in international climes
where the modern world takes up her chant of
‘form is emptiness and emptiness is form
form is not different from emptiness; emptiness not different than form.
That which appears as emptiness is form –
and that which appears as form is emptiness.
The psychology of duality, sensation, sense connections, thought and consciousness – these are also emptiness and form.
So Shariputra’ she continues
‘you can only characterize form in terms of emptiness
and emptiness in terms of form.’

Exit Vajrayogini Stage Right.
Exit Vajrayogini Stage Left.
Lions to the right of us
Tigers to the left
Dragons in the sky above
Nagas in the lakes below
Demons in the rocks
Gods in the clouds
The taste of the sea in the mouth
The taste of the sea, the smell of clean
the remembrance of all knowing
held in the palm
of the god’s hand
a drop of liquid glory
known as water
small cells struggling
small appendages waving and wriggling
small microbial galaxies teeming into proliferate being
beyond counting, self birthing, self mothering, self engendering
the world of form a continuous kaleidoscope of extraordinary imagination
shot through with light
leavened with fantasy
the unbearable light-ness of Reality
a piercing sword
a fathomless mirror
a heart rending lament
in a world where hearts
now wander
lonely as clouds
between being and knowing and forgetting
between curses and blessings
between this and that
between feeling and destroying
between loving and hating
between agony and ecstasy
between enlightenment and confusion
between primitive and hopelessly civilized
between this and that
between self and other
between this and that
between self and other

each moment the Red One’s empty full-hearted challenge
to arise
like fish leaping from water
like bird leaving imprint in the sky
like letters written on the lake
like the horns on a rabbit
to arise
and remember

that we are all of the same elements
all of the same form
all of the same emptiness.


Spontaneous composition 2022-02-10

Published by The Baron

Retired non-profit administrator.

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