Poem: Voices of Madness – II – other

to be read in urgently passionate voice:

Voices of Madness II: other

housewife clutching her handbag
banker grasping his hat
cyclist grabbing the lamp post
sixteen wheeler squealing his brakes
bridge groaning and cracking under the load
wind whistling Dixie blowing away souls….

pistol-whipped deputy
terrorized step daughter
Mumbai street beggar
Sri Lankan leper
Madagascar pirates
East End slave traders
Wall Street raiders
DC rapists
City of London warmongers
Zurich mass murderers
crestfallen gang bait
heart absent crack zombies
genetically suicided farmers
thumbless hitchhikers
selfish greedy meditators
rotten teethed politicians

mouldy constitutions
historical documents wormwooded powder
fleas in the palace sheets
ticks on royal arses
donkeys braying in the storm
genders flotsam and jetsam
masts upended and shredded in coral below
frogmen marching
geese straying
clouds mustering
storms gathering
whales bemoaning
rats scampering…

who’s last to leave this stinking ship?
who’s last in line for the universal basic dole out?
who’s giving vegetables to the soup kitchen?
who even cares?
where does the Pygmy get his next meal?
who’s killing the next sheep in Himalchal Pradesh?
who’s next in line to the throne in Bhutan?

Do we even keep track of collective sanity?
Do parliaments legislate it wisely or not?
Do Judges have it hidden in their undergarments?
Do gurus transmit it by tapping our head?
Do wives give it nightly to husbands in bed?
Do bakers transform it as soft daily bread?
Do young lovers dance it to being when they wed?
Do priests now invoke it when prayers are well said?
Do street chiefs impose it once they’ve earned street cred?
Do sheriffs arrest it with stopping power of lead?
Do scriptures impart it when ever they’re read?
Do blue, green and yellow surrender it to red?

world spinning into oblivion
axis tilting out of control
wave patterns cloud forms and gaseous eruptions
sending all animals into conniptions
humans abandoning human emotions
demons despairing of being fought against bravely
abandon the currency of mutual respect
and wallow in wanton lower realm scorn
spinning the wheel of samsara as idle indulgence
grown fat and happy with complacency’s sinecure
a cushy job nowadays
dime a dozen
no resistance
people are sheeple, people don’t care
herded and huddled by fear in the air
demons in airwaves in food in the water
demons in herds being led to the slaughter
demons in cartoons with twisted cold laughter
demons in front of us, demons in back
demons defending, demons attack
demons inside of us, demons all around
demons in music, in all kinds of sound
airplanes in airports and rockets in space
chemical deodorants makeup on face
cancer run rampant tumors to spare
pathogens raging we’ve trillions to share
shoe leather waning, testosterone dim
down to mansplaining, denegrating him
she is no longer the one who bears child
she is no longer so kind and who smiles
she is a he is an it is a him
and if we don’t sink then we better all swim
swim now together
swim in the pool
swim in the ocean, let swimming be cool
swim in the court room, swim in the yard
swim into sanity, swim upstream hard
swim like the salmon come in from the sea
swim past the billions of you’s and of me’s
swim ’til were tired and beaten and broken
swim ’til the last line the ending is spoken.


Spontaneous composition 2022-02-09

Published by The Baron

Retired non-profit administrator.

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