Haikus #95-103 Grasping

one breath

after another

existential grasping!

#95 2022/02/07

each breath

grasps connection to

this heaven and earth world

this living dream life

#96 2022/02/07


a final outbreath

no more grasping

no more inbreath

#97 2022/02/07

driven by grasping onto each new scent

compulsion steering her unfolding path…

Ginger pulls mightily on the leash

#98 2022/02/07

disconnected from higher organismic purpose

the let go leaf

dissolves into soil

#99 2022/02/07

self-liberated mind

no longer grasps

whatever arises next

as thought or perception

#100 2022/02/07

turbulent winds

may knock down ancient trees

but cannot touch

the sky

#101 2022/02/07

absent grasping

the knots of self-entangled confusion

like knotted snake


#102 2022/02/07


mind still, mind moving

no difference

#103 2022/02/07

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