Haikus #66-72 Awareness

awareness now

awareness now

awareness now


#66 19/01/2022

buttock on pillow

hand on lap

mosquito on cheek

#67 19/01/2022

I have forgotten

more thoughts

than the river knows

#68 19/01/2022

chairs and tables

watching our every move…

primordially patient

#69 19/01/2022

trucks rumbling by

cocks crowing

magpies quarrelling…

and I’m trying to write haiku!

#70 19/01/2022

meditator’s desire

to meditate

blows the fuse!

#70 19/01/2022

pay attention

to attention

paying attention

and wife in kitchen making breakfast

#71 19/01/2020

Composing and practicing new meditation text

Walking the dog with my wife

Another lovely morning in Coatepec!

#72 20/01/2022

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