Notes from Secretary re: New Past Posts page

Because this is not a business account, WordPress does not supply a basic plugin that showcases previous posts by calendar date. (Or maybe the Baron and I simply can’t find it!) In any case, we have added a new menu item on the top of the blog pages called ‘Past Posts’ where you can find all previous posts on one page with the latest on top. Because otherwise the default display only shows three or four posts at a time and it takes forever to access older posts.

The Lyme Liturgy series is essentially complete and soon will be consolidated into one master file to be found for downloading on the Lyme Liturgy page which you can also see linked above. The blog will continue with more peripatetic offerings but now that the Liturgy has been published there will doubtless be several articles expanding on particular lines, sections, themes or techniques featured therein.

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Retired non-profit administrator.

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