Pandemia Haiku #41-51

late autumn leaves by bridge in the Berkshires (near where I was born long ago…)


is this how it goes?

techno-feudal apocalypse

no bang, just whimpering

#41 21/11/2021


just another cold or flu?

or apocalyptic angel of death

in pandemia-landia?

#42 21/11/2021


apocalypse now:

our lives like autumn leaves

blown away in winter storms

#43 21/11/2021


of all ever born

all will ever die

nothing ever happens

#44 21/11/2021


abstract musings

far less weight

than ripe orange falling to earth

#45 21/11/2021


compliance resistance

worry indifference

all is futile

#46 21/11/2021


when most of us are gone

who will be left

to read these haiku?

#47 21/11/2021


caught from friend or stranger?

is life soon ending?

either way: no matter

#48 21/11/2021


lying down quietly

listening to Gregorian monks

Ginger* is happy!

#49 21/11/2021

* Ginger is our adopted stray labrador-spaniel-ish ginger-coloured dog


birds chirping raucously

whose song will emerge victorious?

simple pleasures…

#50 21/11/2021


like beads of water from last night’s rain

hanging from outstretched drying rack arms in cold morning shadow

soon we’ll evaporate in late morning sun

#51 21/12/2021


fall in lennox


Though limiting my reading about world affairs these days, every once in a while I select a few articles and plow in. This morning I read some about vaccine after-effects world wide now there is almost a year’s worth of data. Of course there are many disagreements as with everything these days but the sources I feel more comfortable trusting – mainly epidemiological specialists and clinical doctors – are painting a disturbing picture indicating that the spike proteins generated in the body after receiving the mRNA gene-editing shots (they are not, strictly speaking, ‘vaccines’) are pathogens engendering chronic micro-clotting which ends up causing various forms of thrombosis, most of which over time may shorten the lifespans of those so injected. Given the vested interests clearly blocking widespread dissemination of the results of any such research we will probably never know the full story. What is known in the UK, for example, is that the overall death rate this year is significantly higher than last year and higher than the general trend over many years especially so with young people who are not susceptible to covid but many of whom have now been injected. Needless to say, if this is more or less the case, it’s a world wide catastrophe on a scale few of us have the ability to imagine let alone face collectively.

So in contemplating these articles I gently slipped into a ‘what if the world is ending’ mood and wrote the above series of haikus one after the other in a matter of minutes.

As with nearly everything on this blog they are artistic offerings not prosaic calls to outrage or activism. The pandemic or possible apocalypse – like everything else including our very lives – is both real and fictive, part of a living dream. Things can be felt deeply (or not) but ultimately we are all passing shadows, flowing rivers here today and gone tomorrow. We can mourn our passing whilst also celebrating our brief time alive. This series went through a little progression along those lines though they were written out spontaneously one after another with no particular agenda or goal in mind – just mood-painting perhaps.

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