The Spirits live on…

The picture below is taken from above a somewhat disheveled little mountain village near where we will soon have a small cabin property on a downhill sloping lot with nice valley views similar to this but more immediately constrained and one extremely unusual feature: a small meditation hut built by the most unlikely of previous owners: Theravadin monks in Mexico, who are chilangas, i.e. from Mexico City. Who’d have thunk it?! But then who’d have thunk the now overgrown pyramids from tens of thousands of years ago made by who knows whom. Anything which happened before the last great cataclysm around 10,000 years ago which in Western annals is referred to as ‘the great flood’ is largely unknown to us. Even the Chinese admit they don’t know. Nor do the Egyptians. Buddhist historians from the Dzogchen tradition in Tibet claim that a previous Buddha was teaching around the regions of Ur and Swat in Pakistan-Afghanistan and that about eighteen thousand years ago there was a well developed civilization there one of whose tutelary deities was a red female goddess called Vajrayogini in Sanskrit, making her one of the oldest gods still being practiced today – what is it about sixteen-year old naked women in the full bloom of youth that makes such a lasting impression, we wonders…..

In any case, we intend to stay for a while here in this small-town, tiny mountain village coffee country part of forgotten Mexico where long before recorded history the ancients built pyramids just as they did in pagan Europe long before the Egyptians cottoned on, now similarly overgrown and generally mistaken for natural hills.

We pray the ancestral spirits welcome us along with the Theravadin-built meditation hut – made of stone and plaster – we fully intend to use. As a form of supplication, a haiku is now offered:


ancestor shaman brujo bards

still casting spells

as sky-dancing cloud dragons


ancestro chamán brujo bardos
todavía lanzando hechizos
como dragones de nubes que bailan por el cielo


Version One (initial version before pruning to the one above):

ancestor bruho-shaman-bards

settled these potent hills and valleys

still casting spells as sky-dancing dragon cloud formations

#28 11/11/2021

Published by The Baron

Retired non-profit administrator.

3 thoughts on “The Spirits live on…

    1. by ‘while’ I mean ‘foreseeable future,’ hopefully years, though at first it will be mainly a place for extended weekends until we can make it more comfortable. The hut is neat. It is built around a large black rock which is the main feature inside. Circular so reminds me of the old stone meditation structures in Ireland (whose name I cannot recall)….

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