Article 47 Basho Haikus

Matsuo Basho 1643-1694

Here follow several versions of the same famous ‘frog jumping into a pond’ haiku, partly for fun and partly to show how different translations create different effects. Haiku is a simple form, but also subtle since it’s some sort of blending, or marriage, of direct perception with non-conceptual awareness-wisdom. Like this particular example, good haiku have an echo, something resonating with our own previous experience. All good haiku do this: basically they create a moment.

Article 47 Basho Old Frog Versions:


furuike ya ———- old pond…

kawazu tobikomu ———- a frog leaps in

mizu no otu ———- water’s sound

The Haiku Handbook by William Higginson


The old pond –

a frog jumps in,

sound of water

The Essential Haiku ed. Robert Hass


ancient pond…

a frog jumps

into the sound of water

Haiku Enlightenment by Gabriel Rosenstock


a primeval pond…

leaping frog disappears into

a solitary plop!

This blog’s author


Basho never born

Basho never ever died

Basho, we love you!

#25 07/11/2021


Basho nunca nació

Basho nunca murió

¡Basho, te amamos!


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