Rainy Day Haikus #14-22

Am reading two books on Haikus (Japanese Death Poems and Gabriel Rosenstock’s Enlightened Haiku). It was raining all day today so I ended up spending a lot of time looking out the window at a large, glistening spider’s web, plants, flowers and my orange trees whilst enjoying Bach and Baroque music and letting little haikus bubble up occasionally to the surface. Retirement can be quite satisfying that way…


The constantly humming refrigerator

Knows no future

Birdsong is heart breaking

#14 06.11.21


That white noise in the ears

Is it always there?

Even after we die?

#15 06/11/2021


Eckart Tolle:

The quintessentially enlightened

Little Piggie!

#16 06/11/2021


Rain on the roof

Thousands of drummers

Without hands or drums!

#17 06/11/2021


I give a man little pieces of paper

He gives me land with trees and buildings…

Humans are strange!

#18 06/11/2021


Deep silence

Entirely drowns out

Screeching jungle of city traffic

#19 06/11/2021


Turbulent youth

Has paved the way

To November nobility.

#20 06/11/2021


Phillip Glass

Artfully transforms

Nostalgia into Majesty

#21 06/11/2021


Baroque is good

Mozart better

Bach is best!

#21 06/11/2021



All day spent

Reading and writing haiku.

What a splendid wastrel am I!

#22 06/11/2021

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