Highland Dawn

By request from Amanda at https://bonny-highlands.com/2021/11/05/haiku-three/

View into Kalapa Valley Ingonish from the Keltic Lodge

November Morning

Still and quiet;

The mountains purple-ish, brooding, naked and powerful in the morning chill.
Frost and mist
Crowning them, hovering
Filled with blessings and mystery.

And you can glimpse through that
and see
beyond all, above all
Bright virgin morning blue
Another layer of freshness, of depth, of delight
Of sky.

Pulsing wingbeat of spiralling sound.

The mist has suddenly disappeared
Clouds gather in presence and softness
Now surrounded with more pervasive and resplendent blue
Radiating oatmealing colours of
Golden butter and motherly creams
Warmed by the thickening sun of a fresh, throbbing day.

Highland Dawn!

Kalapa Valley Ingonish (where I was blessed to live for a short while)

November 7 1999, dawn-time.

Published by The Baron

Retired non-profit administrator.

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