Horse in Hidden Paradise

“The hidden oasis of the Qatari desert” by Glenn Jacobs

Story 1 Horse in Hidden Paradise

Comedian has friend whose grandmother lives in a hidden community in Mexico. He went there and had a great time, many parties, and to his surprise found that many Europeans lived there. (They are known for choosing beautiful places in Mexico, unlike North American ‘gringos.’)

Anyway, one day whilst walking he noticed a man riding a splendid white horse. He thought that if he bought the horse then later he would buy land there in this hidden paradise so he asked the man if he could buy the horse and the man replied ‘Si Senor!’ and so the deal was done and he handed over the cash and that was that. But then on holding the reins he thought to himself ‘Wait! What do I do with this horse now it’s mine?!’ So he asked the man if he would look after his horse in return for which he would be paid monthly to which the man immediately agreed, saying ‘Si, Senor!’

Some years went by. He never purchased any land there and indeed he stopped making the payments for the horse’s upkeep. His friend’s grandmother mentioned this to his friend who then started making the payments. But after a while he got tired of that and complained to the comedian and they closed the circle finally by returning the horse to the original owner who had been riding and looking after him all along.

And he never did buy property in that place where many Europeans live and who have all sworn to keep secret the name and location of that hidden paradise somewhere in Mexico.

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