Dark and Bright Futures

Way Forward into Bright Future

Article 33 Dark and Light Futures

Right now it seems like in many ways we are headed towards ‘hell in a hand basket’ – whatever that means! Some people feel that a hidden globalist cabal is waging some sort of asymmetric war against the established political and social order with the intention to impose some sort of Great Reset which will presumably work far better than the current one, a process expressed by the World Economic Forum’s slogan: ‘Build Back Better.’ Whether or not such a power matrix exists, and whether or not what’s going on is globally coordinated, let’s face it: most current nation states leave much to be desired with excesses and deficiencies of all sorts moreover with most leading nation governments deeply mired in endemic corruption.

All that Darkness notwithstanding, possibly this potentially huge civilization-ending sea-change in world affairs will result in some positive outcomes, so here goes a first stab at envisaging some of them:

Most world wars tend to last at least a few years, so let’s fast forward to 2025 assuming that the dust is finally beginning to settle around then. Let’s also assume that

a) there was a big push attempting to impose a new totalitarian ‘techno-feudal’ trans-nation-state world order and

b) this push failed, because the masses found a way to reject this imposition and

c) this is a brief sketch meant to provoke the reader’s own contemplation, not provide a complete blueprint.

So now let’s examine this post asymmetric war landscape, generally imagining what might remain and what might be no more.

What remains:

  • Heaven and Earth
  • Families
  • Young adults falling in love with each other
  • Parents loving their children
  • Trees and flowers
  • Birds, fishes, elephants, field mice, bees, bears, honey and so forth
  • Wilderness
  • Clean air and water
  • Cities and rural areas
  • Good, naturally grown food using enhanced organic fertilization etc.
  • Clothes
  • Nation states with their own cultures and languages
  • Singing, dancing, music, movies, sports, religious worship

What Is No More:

  • Global banking cartels – The City, Federal Reserve, BIS in Zurich etc
  • About 1,000 military bases world wide run by United States military
  • Multi-party politics in most countries who adopt one party ‘mandarin’ model
  • Bottom-dredging trawlers
  • GM agriculture with their pesticides and fertilizers
  • Hysteria about oil-based energy including for cars and electricity
  • In the US and other countries eliminated or greatly reduced:
    • Depts. of Education, Health, Intelligence, IRS, HUD, Chamber of Commerce etc.
    • In US, Washington DC no longer the capital
    • In US: country reformed into five distinct regions with different styles and priorities
    • In Europe: EU central government disbanded; simple free trade zone in its place
    • In Europe: full integration with Russia and China creating the foundations for the emerging Eurasian Civilisation finally blending East and West continuing what Genghis Khan first attempted.
    • In US: reconfiguration of higher education making it more variegated (science or arts or government or legal or medical or trades or commerce etc.) and merit-based (no more race-based admissions or grading policies).

What’s New:

  • Widespread adoption of mandarin-system style one-party governance featuring officials who get positions based on merit, examinations, training and peer evaluations. Far more efficient both in terms of skill levels and cost because of far lower numbers relative to population size.
  • National credit systems, no more private cartels fulfilling roles of central banks; inflation-free economies.
  • Widespread adoption of cutting edge organic farming techniques pioneered in Asia the past thirty years in Korea, Japan and India. Yields are higher, no chemical pollution; such method increase soil health which improves steadily year by year.
  • New laws against industrial and agricultural sector pollution so that soil, water and air are kept clean and vibrant
  • New ocean reserve areas (one in each major ocean) comprising one fifth of total ocean area to maintain natural stocks and biodiversity of oceans.
  • New land reserves in major zones in the world (tropics, arctic, temperate etc.) to maintain natural stocks and biodiversity.
  • Clean technologies which reduce pollution in manufacturing, use and disposal (which means no battery-powered cars)
  • Water-based hydrogen power gradually replaces oil especially for big items such as space rockets, tankers, trucks etc.
  • Countries world wide develop more green pedestrian infrastructure in both urban and rural environments
  • Having children is valued and more women can return to full-time home-keeping
  • Widespread use of cheap, effective medical practices including acupuncture, herbals, long-established generics
  • Dance, exercise, taichi, gyms and meditation studios abound!

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