Haiku #10 Empty Form

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form . . Black ink form suddenly emergent Creates space out of that white which is not the form Turning nothing into a something which is still not anything yet vivid . . La forma de tinta negra emerge repentinamente Crea espacio a partir de ese blanco que no esContinue reading “Haiku #10 Empty Form”

Haiku #6 Van Gogh’s Blessings

After pasting in the Cornfields painting for Haiku #5 by once-pastor to impoverished mining community Van Gogh, and who inspired one of the characters in Emile Zola’s famous work ‘Germinal’ and who later died a patient suffering from mental illness induced by a lifetime of outer world hardships and failures, the following haiku arose, imaginingContinue reading “Haiku #6 Van Gogh’s Blessings”

2021 Haiku #1

Having hit a wall in terms of stories and articles because silence these days seems preferable to speech, it’s time for some haiku. For about 40 years now I’ve had a semi-regular practice of spontaneous composition of free-form poetry or haiku. They often get lightly edited afterwards to clarify the original thought or polish itContinue reading “2021 Haiku #1”